I'm a journalist, content creator & producer, and digital storytelling facilitator based in Vancouver, BC. I love a great story with pictures, sound or words . . . all the more so if elegantly combined. If powerful media and storytelling are central to your organization, let's talk about how we can work together.

If you’re an editor, art director or producer

and we haven’t worked together yet, I invite you to browse through my work and get in touch.
  I have a graduate degree in journalism (UBC, 2013) and live the multimedia world. Making strategic and creative use of multi-platform, social, and participatory media are front of mind.
   I’m available for local and international work: photojournalism and portrait assignments; short or long-form written assignments; live blogging and social media work; travel stories; audio documentaries and video projects.
   For more complex multimedia work, or for participatory community media projects, I’m happy to build a creative team or work with yours.
   If you’re looking for photographs to license for your publication, send me a note and I’d be happy to look through my archives and let you know if I’ve got what you’re looking for. 

If you're a business or organization

and you’re looking for powerful content designed to positively impact policy, community engagement, your advocacy and fundraising goals, or the creative and social good of the people you care about, get in touch.

   Whether innovative blue-sky experiments, quick-turnaround jobs, long-term contracts, or something in-between...I love the challenge of bringing your ideas to fruition within the budget and deadline you have. (It’s the journalist in me.)
    I can help you communicate the stories that are key to your organization’s success and continued growth, and help those stories reach your desired communities through social media.

   I’m especially interested in creating and coordinating socially inclusive media projects, and “owned media” for businesses and organizations with a mandate for social good. I’m happy to build a team, or work with yours.

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