As part of the City of Vancouver’s 125 celebrations (2011), I worked in collaboration with a team of five digital media artists and the Vancouver Park Board to work in diverse neighbourhoods to collect oral histories, stories and memories of local residents, shoot photos and video, and produce 2 to 3-minute movies. Stories were shared at community screenings and via social media and published on a website and Youtube channel.

I was lucky enough to work with a wonderful group of Vancouverites! Below are some of the videos I produced with storytellers.  

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Doug Baker is member of the Squamish Tribe and lives on the Musqueam Reserve in Vancouver.When he was 38, he was given the name S7apelek in a traditional naming ceremony, but he never asked what it meant.
Several years later, he had a revelation while he sat by the river.
Doug—a Coast Salish and Northwest style carver and carving instructor at community centres around Vancouver—revisits the place on the Fraser River that gave new meaning to his life.

Rose Point is Thompson and Stalo who grew up living mostly with her Aunt and Uncle, on Seabird Island Reserve. She attended St. Mary's Residential School near Agassiz as a day student. She raised her children on the Musqueam Reserve with her husband Cagney Point. She is an early-childhood educator, BCIT's Aboriginal Elder-Advisor and is the family archivist.

David Rabinovich is a Russian-speaking Jewish emigré from Uzbekistan.
The classically-trained violin soloist, concert meister and teacher from Tashkent came to Canada as a refugee with his family in 1992.
Sometimes, he plays music in public places like Granville Island or in one of the skytrain stations to "bring the beauty of the violin to the people of Vancouver."
Made by Suzanne Ahearne as part of the 'Vancouver Stories 125' project, 2011.

Zuzanita Zakaria is a Singapore-born documentary film producer and app developer.
She is a Muslim who chooses to wear the hijab as part of her faith. She loves how wearing the hijab can be a great instigator of conversations, especially in the West Side of Vancouver where she is a bit of a curiosity.