As a natural extension of my passion for writing, photography, and my desire to help others find their voice, I  have facilitated two-day and four-day Intensive Digital Storytelling Workshops using Final Cut Pro 7 and iMovie with The Center for Digital Storytelling and with Surya Govender at Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Continuing Studies.

We lead students through  idea generation, writing, recording, and video production of their own short videos built from still images, voice-track and music.

I'd love to build a team, or work with yours, to create a digital storytelling or other writing workshop to suit the needs of your community. I also create publishing partnerships with media, and create strategies to engage a broader community via storytelling and social media.
A Vimeo channel with some of these facilitated stories can be viewed at: A great example, is this video made in our of the Emily Carr workshops by Joe Hargitt, called "Letters."

In this 2-minute digital story, Joe traces his love of writing to a childhood of letter-writing with an often-absent father.
Made in a Digital Storytelling workshop at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, facilitated by Surya Govender and Suzanne Ahearne.

In "Traces," Sandra explores her yearning for home, belonging and change in the city where she no longer feels at home.

Made in a Digital Storytelling workshop at Emily Carr University, Vancouver facilitated by Surya Govender and Suzanne Ahearne.


In a recent digital storytelling workshop, Suzanne taught in a comprehensive way and provided constructive feedback. She managed our class supportively and clearly guided us towards our goals.
— Alison Martin
Suzanne, was co-facilitator at a digital storytelling workshop held recently at Emily Carr University. The course was absolutely fantastic. Both facilitators managed to get a group of people from different stages and sectors of life all on side and all committed to producing finite creative tasks, to build a final creative project in a two day period. So rewarding. I can’t thank them enough. It was daunting and they were consistently supportive and gave wonderful feedback which allowed our group of 9 individuals to complete the task - complete a 2 minute digital story. We all admitted this would have been impossible without their knowledge, skill, and above all their absolute trust in us and the process.
— Sandra Hanson
It was a great educational experience - I learned how to make a simple, personal film from my own photographs and memorabilia, as advertised. But what raised the workshop far above the ordinary was the wonderfully supportive creative environment the two instructors created and sustained over four long hard days. For me, the workshop was transformative: I went in a civilian and came out a (beginning) artist!
— Sheryl Adam