Making radio that surprises and pleases the ear combines everything I love about storytelling.

I have written and produced short radio documentaries and longer audio features, airing on regional and national broadcasts on CBC Radio One.

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After twelve years living homeless on the streets of Vancouver, Arthur is trying hard to make a new life for himself in new supportive housing. But, in the quiet and security of his new room, his old lives keep rising up, demanding to be heard. As you'll hear in "Arthur's Story," a CBC “Living Out Loud” radio documentary produced with Steve Wadhams, it's hard to just move on. It makes you realize you can't just peel off the past like old jacket and throw it away.

“Arthur's Story” aired nationally on CBC in October, 2013.

It is a winner of the 2014 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition Best Documentary, Honorable Mention; and a 2014 New York Festivals Radio Award. “It's like cinema vérité for the ear.” TCF

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For a dying man, the light from a brass piano lamp evokes the lonely image of a ship sailing on a cold and dark sea. Suzanne Ahearne journeys across the Atlantic on a freighter to understand why this image so unsettled her, but brought her father—once a merchant seaman—so much comfort.

Producer: Yvonne Gall

Aired nationally on Outfront.

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On weekends in the Summer and early Fall, they leave their regular lives behind. They load their axes, saws and their kids into pick-ups and mini-vans and head out to shows all over small town over British Columbia. They call themselves the Lady Loggers, or Lumber Jills. They climb trees, throw axes and chop logs in competition on the BC Logger Sports Circuit.

"How many women can actually brag that they can chop and saw a log? Right away, you think macho. You think butch. But we’re not,” says Sandy Laughlin who joined up so she could stay closer to her logger husband Brad. At 49, and after 40 stitches and six injury- related surgeries, she can still go through 16 inches of pine with an old-fashioned saw in under a minute.

"Lady Loggers" aired nationally on The Inside Track and regionally on BC Almanac.

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The story of the Stone T'xwelatse is a long one. The Chilkwayuk people of the Chilliwack Valley have been telling it for thousands of years. It’s only in the last few years that new chapters have been added. When the long-lost stone turned up in a museum south of the border, Herb Joe—who was given the name T'xwelatse in a naming ceremony as a young man—was given the task of bringing their stony ancestor home. Aired on North by Northwest, CBC Radio One.

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Taking a break from Hollywood, Shakespeare, and My Little Pony voice-overs, Vancouver actors play thieves, victims and knife-wielding assailants as part of a day of simulations to test new recruits of the Police Academy at the Justice Institute.
Aired on The Early Edition, CBC Radio One, BC.

LISTEN here [Runs 5:40]